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Mechanical Watch customer service near me


Mechanical watches are subject to wear and tear and need a complete service every five years. See the different steps, from dismantling of the case to …

Enroll Today on the Watch Repair Course: Full HD Video Lessons streamed to your PC/MAC, Phone or Tablet …

Check out of this repair of the 1 of 6 Vintage 1947 Patek Philippe Watch. Gray and Sons is the most respected independent Patek Philippe Watch Repair shop …

In this video I am servicing this nice EVERITE Mechanical Watch which arrived to the shop not working. After an initial iinspection I found out that the oil had …

HOW IT WORKS: – Продолжительность: 13:59 DOCUMENTARY TUBE 811 997 просмотров.

Charles-Hubert, Paris Mechanical Pocket Watch –

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