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Little Big Shots – Father’s Day Is Serious Business! (Episode Highlight) Hadley has some very serious rules about who she’ll wish a happy Father’s Day to. Watch …

IMPORTANT UPDATE: My voice actor for Papyrus, SheyGrell, is currently in a bad situation right now, and he needs help. If any of you will be willing to donate …

It’s father’s day! Or in fact a few hours afterwards due to upload times! But don’t worry, the gifts for dad are still awful. With bonus POUNDLAND NEWS at the end!

We spotted these fairy skeleton remains and took it home! This footage is proof that fairies are out there! But be careful, fairies can be mean! 😛 Please subscribe …

More from Inside Edition: There are no skeletons in the closet at this house. Just look at this haunted Halloween display in Lumberton, Texas.

AOL Travel – Deals, Discounts and Things to Do

Aokbean Mixed Set of 30 Large Skeleton Keys in Antique …

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